About Premium Credit

Established in 1988, Premium Credit is the leading insurance premium finance company in the UK and Ireland. We have over 1.8 million customers and processed 24 million Direct Debits in 2012.

Premium Credit doesn't just help businesses and individuals to spread the cost of their insurance premiums. We also provide the finance to pay annual fees - including accountancy fees, membership subscriptions, season tickets, hoilday park fees and school fees - by monthly Direct Debit.*

Below are some frequently asked questions about Premium Credit and the service we provide:

Q. What service does Premium Credit provide?

Premium Credit provides you with a loan to pay your insurance premium or annual fee.Your application is forwarded to us by your service provider (e.g. your insurance broker, accountant, golf club, holiday park etc). On approval, we pay the loan for your premium, fee, subscription or season ticket directly to your service provider and you repay the loan to us by monthly Direct Debit.

Q. How does this service benefit me?

This service helps make annual premiums or fees affordable by enabling you to spread the payment over monthly instalments, rather than paying it in a single lump sum.

Q. Can my payments go up or down?

Yes. Your payment can go up or down because of an amendment to your annual premium or fee. You should contact your service provider to confirm what the increase/reduction is for. We will advise you of any changes to the payment amount.

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*Credit is subject to status. Terms and Conditions apply.